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Alexandra Avery -- 100% natural Skin Care % Perfumes
An amazing line of skin care, and aromatherapy.
Alexandra Avery creates my favorite perfumes from sources she has gathered over many years -- and gardenias she gathers in Hawaii. (Yet how does she look so young? She uses her own skin care!)

The best photography site on the Web! Take fantastic online photo classes with world-class professional photographers, unite with fellow photography enthusiasts, or create a beautiful personal Web site like this.

Co-Creative Design
Linda Morse describes her work: " By using the holistic tools of Vastu Shastra, Energy Clearing, and
Flower Essences, along with the elemental guidance and wisdom of Nature, I create living and work
spaces that are in harmony with the lives of my clients. I am dedicated to creating sacred space where
you live, work and play! "
This magical site is adorned with my photographs.

John Varley
A wonderful site from the brilliant Science Fiction writer John Varley. Featuring his books, thoughts and lots of cool stuff, including photos and comments about his adventures with wife Lee Emmett.

Nature's Gift -- The ONLY source for essential healing oils.
Essential oils, hydrosols, aromatherapy and other products for physical and mental healing. Amazing skin care at great prices.