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Everything I love to shoot. Raindrops, flowers, amazing creatures and beautiful people.
© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 14884029: blowing blessings sm NEW! New Art.        slide show (333)
Starting 4-5-2015 I am revitalizing my website! New images from California.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 7931478: Roz People, Skies and self-portraits        slide show (115)
Portraits of friends and commissions, mixed up with sky.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 15049976: Frozen Flower Frozen        slide show (11)
Frozen California!

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 14974695: Sunflower Edge In Christie's Garden        slide show (1)
The beautiful plants and animals I'm blessed to live near because of my friend's efforts.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 14884629: pink snap sm Indian Peak Road        slide show (97)
Images from my new home near Mariposa, California. Finding my inspirations again after moving from Hawaii

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 14884007: Nellies Amarylis Effects of Spring        slide show (47)
These images were created using the Effects setting on my Nikon 5100 and then using Photoshop filters on various areas.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 14884008: Orchid Budding Desk in Morning        slide show (20)
These images were created using the Effects setting on my Nikon 5100 and then using Photoshop filters on various areas.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 14904682: Mandala Ah! Oregon        slide show (33)
Taken on a recent trip to Oregon to visit, sit by the river and take pictures of flowers with raindrops. Ah! Oregon!

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 2205560: Floating Petal 2 Award Winners        slide show (54)
These images have won Finalist or Second Place buttons, and one Photo of the Day.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 7017060: Migration Raindrops in Sunlight        slide show (90)
My big passion is tiny. Raindrops, reflections -- leaves and petals that are bejeweled.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 7202183: Sun Blessing 1 Portfolio        slide show (92)
A collection of my best images.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 9361388: Hawaii Fantastique The "Painted" Ones        slide show (237)
In these images I got out my little brushes and filters.

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© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 4453853: Feared Flower Flowers, Plants and Trees        slide show (498)
When I first started photography in 2001 I limited myself to taking the flowers where they were blooming. Most of these were taken in Honaunau Hawaii. Others in the Santa Cruz or Mariposa California Area.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 10088682: Andara Peaks Andara Crystals        slide show (84)
I am honored to be allowed to take photographs of these rare healing crystals. To learn more visit Mickeymagic.com

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 9883970: Tiny Gift Bugs, Birds and furry friends        slide show (166)
Insects, birds, and my beloved cats and dogs.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 8544098: Pauahi in Pool Pauahi & Family        slide show (64)
My beautiful Hawaiian girl friend Pauahi from three sessions. A secret black sand beach in Kawaehae and Hokukano Bay House Retreat, Keauhou, Hawaii.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 11425621: caladium kalaidascope sm Patterns        slide show (185)
Healing Nature Patterns

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 2013764: Apartmentscape B&W Objects and Oddments        slide show (141)
I like to capture objects, jewelery, and make scenes out of things. and some images are one-of-a-kind that do not fit in my usual subjects.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 10318754: Plumeria Aloe 3 New Work        slide show (249)
Groups of new images I'm working on, June 2010.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 14884513: Ecstacy Unframed Goddesses & Gardens        slide show (31)
Goddesses and Fairies and their habitat. And other Goddess related things.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 9216981: Puako Colors Scenes of the larger world.        slide show (46)
Some images where I took the Big view. Puako Bay, Hawaii and a few other places.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 14345601: Copse Sky Bear Valley        slide show (55)
The beautiful Bear Valley.

© Fax  Sinclair PhotoID# 9507137: Place of Refuge -  Ki' i 3 City of Refuge - Honaunau, Hawaii        slide show (37)
Scenes of City of Refuge. One of the most special places among all the special places of Hawaii.

Yosemite - New Year's Day 2013        slide show (14)
Yosemite - New Year's Day 2013

Words & Images        slide show (3)
My words matched with my images.


© Fax Sinclair

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